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2.5in(9.5mm) sata 3 to M. 2 (NGFF) SSD Enclosure

2.5in(9.5mm) sata 3 to M. 2 (NGFF) SSD Enclosure


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The SYBA 2.5in(9.5mm) SATA 3 to M.2 (NGFF) SSD Enclosure is the perfect adapter/converter for your computer. Made in Taiwan, this portable device allows for a 1:1 connection split/duplication between a SATA male connector and an NGFF connector. This adapter/connector boasts a brand name of SYBA and features a sleek design that is easy to carry around. It is compatible with drive cables and adapters, computer cables and connectors, and computers/tablets & networking. With this adapter/connector, you can easily convert SATA 3 to M.2 (NGFF) SSD Enclosure, making it a versatile tool for your computing needs.Part Number: SY-ADA40092 Brand: SybaComplies with Serial ATA Specification Rev 3.2 DEVSLP FunctionSupports SATA III, SATA II, and SATA I OperationStandard 2.5" (9.5mm) SATA Storage Device Form Factor (100mm x 70mm x 9.2mm)Transparent to OSNo Drivers NeededCan Be a Primary Bootable Device Containing OS--However, Might Require Re-Installation of OSLED Indicators: Green LED Indicates the M.2 SSDs Power Status Red LED Indicates the M.2 SSDs Active Status

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